Playlist for Craig Peyton '80's Dance Hits DL (Clip Runtime 1:05)

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01) Radioactive, 'Steps Ahead' with Michael Brecker, Mike Mainieri Peter Easkine -Peyton/Nelson Cruz mix- (peyton: writer/producer/arranger/keyboards/drum fills & sequencers)
02) Vertigo/Relight My Fire, 'Dan Hartman (peyton: electric vibes, melody 'Vertigo')
03) Just B Thankful, 'Craig Peyton' (peyton: all instruments/vocals/arrangement)
04) Love of a Lifetime, 'Melba Moore' (peyton: writer/arranger/instrument track)
05) That's When We'll B Free, 'State of Grace' (peyton: vibe solo, melody sting)
06) It's Alright, 'NV' Jeff Smith, voc (peyton: writer/all instruments/arranger)
07) Where Ya Gonna B Tonight, 'Will Collins vocal' (peyton: writer/all instruments/arranger)
08) Let Me Do You, 'NV' Will Downing vocal, Shepp Petibone mix (peyton: writter/all instruments/arranger/ins all tracks)
09) Love Oasis, 'Patrice' (peyton: producer/writter/all instruments/arranger/bg vocals)
10) The Dream, 'John Rocca' (peyton: writer/all instruments/arranger/fills/hits)
11) Bonus Track, Craig Peyton (a typical example of Peyton's80's track sequencer writing, (still looking for placement:)

I never expected to be so involved in the dance music scene. After getting on Hartman's #1 disco smash Vertigo, I continued my jazz/fusion career soon getting signed to the Buddah/Sutra label. Darryl Payne stopped me in the hall at Buddah Recordsand asked "Was I really on Dan Hartman's record?" When I affirmed, he came to my apartment to hear tracks I was writing. Next we went into Unique Recording (NYC) to 'dump' tracks I had writen. I never really thought of the tracks as 'dance music'...much more jazz fusion. Darryl ladded lyrics/vocals and some of those tracks became hits for NV, and as Darryl explained many years later, even some bigger hits with major artist names Hmmmm.... In dance, the 'motor sequencer' bass/drum/synth lines style became my trade mark. (mostly using Oberheim synth gear moving up to to a Fairlight III with John Rocca) The business was the wild west back then, and you rarely were credited for your studio work. You soon learned that publishing was key, and you had to demand creative credit. CP 2019

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